• Dr. Sharde' RoebuckTurner

30 Days NO MEAT!

Updated: Jan 31, 2018

I have finally decided to try going vegetarian again and...... yes WE HAVE SUCCESS! I have been really enjoying cooking and altering different recipes to fit what I want to eat. I still love meat, but I have to make a change so here we are going vegetarian.

I have always loved jackfruit so I figured why not use that in my spaghetti instead of ground beef, and let me tell you IT WAS A SUCCESS!!!! I enjoyed it I even got my neighbor to eat some and he LOVED IT! I used sprouts brand which is not my usual brand but it had to do. I wasn't very thrilled about the taste it was as good as the Upton brand I had previously.

I enjoyed my first vegetarian meal and was very satisfied. Jump on board for our next 30 day NO MEAT Challenge. Check our events tab to see the next start date.

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